King’s Leadership Academy

School PowerPoint design

school PowerPoint design

This school PowerPoint design mirrors our client’s professional standing, and tells a story of achievement, inspiration and aspiration.


Inspiring future leaders throughout their academic development – that’s King’s Leadership Academy’s ethos. The Academy constantly strives to go beyond traditional academic measures, a strong driving force behind their deeply-held values: Self-awareness, Professionalism, Integrity, Achievement, Respect and Endeavour, all driven by a desire to Aspire.


Having designed a trustworthy and inspirational identity for King’s Leadership Academy, we were then asked to create a suite of Powerpoint design slides for use at various public events which would involve several different audiences including stakeholders, government educational bodies, local businesses and parents.


All presentations should tell a story, and that story should have a beginning, middle and an end, a conclusion. When thinking of how to best approach this school PowerPoint design, it was important for us to highlight key points with engaging images as well as text in order to maintain the audience’s interest throughout the flow of the story.

We based the slides on three templates and, using carefully edited library shots of Greek philosopher Aristotle, we featured students from the school’s own photography bank alongside them.

By maintaining consistency with font, size and corporate palette, we gave the PowerPoint design a more professional appearance. Ensuring there was enough contrast between the slide background colour and the text colour also contributed to the professional appearance.

For the last 20 years we have gained a wealth of experience creating PowerPoint presentations for clients in a wide range of sectors, get in touch to find out more, or have a look here to see more examples of striking and effective presentation design.

For a better user experience, both for presenters and audiences, we built all Powerpoint slides in a way that allowed our client to update them quickly and easily.School PowerPoint design

Finally, we mirrored the first and last PowerPoint slides with the Academy’s prospectus to ensure a consistent feel and reinforce the Academy’s professional standing in the academic field.


Credentials presentation design

Credentials presentation design

We chose Google Slides to create a credentials presentation that is an effective sales tool for new business teams and a strong and visually engaging read for prospects.


7i Group

PowerPoint presentation template

powerpoint presentation template

A complete overhaul of our client's PowerPoint presentation template gave them a sales and communications tool worthy of their reputation in the healthcare market research industry.



PowerPoint template design

A PowerPoint template design and build that is clean, uncluttered and highly intuitive, making it easy for users to create engaging presentations that get the audience's buy-in.