Social website development

Our client, a global leader in vaccines, medicines and consumer healthcare products, came to us for social website development to help them drive engagement among their employees for World Meningitis Day.

Meningitis, a damaging brain and spinal cord disease, affects over 3,000 people every year in the UK alone.* Our aim was to energise the target audience and use the social website development to communicate their value in developing life-changing vaccines.

Victims of meningitis present symptoms similar to those of other less damaging diseases, which can result in misdiagnosis. Internal, as well as consumer, awareness is therefore extremely important given that sufferers’ symptoms can develop into the life-threatening condition in just 24 hours.

Although only available for internal use, due to the sensitive nature of the healthcare research, our social website development created a platform for employees to share photos of their personal contributions. The front-end design created by our digital team was a creative and user-friendly extension of the client’s brand that was developed to maximise staff engagement.

In addition to allowing users to upload photos quickly and easily – providing insight in real time on the research progress made by colleagues – employees gained a greater understanding of their role in the development of life-changing vaccines. The social website development’s relaxed digital environment improved employee interaction by leveraging activities and features that users were already familiar with from other social media platforms: commenting, sharing, liking.

It also included image editing functions, so that employees could crop and adjust photos in ways that allowed them to highlight key elements and emphasise information that would have the biggest impact on their colleagues. The site is viewable on all modern browsers, and the crop functionality incorporates touch support. The social website development also allows users to sort image results chronologically or by location.

Given that some of the images shared may contain sensitive or confidential healthcare information, securing the information, while maintaining flexibility for users, was a major consideration for our digital team.

The website was custom built on LAMP stack, a powerful web application platform, and the photo wall features a 1:1 aspect ratio that helps users focus on the subject without room for distraction.

As a result of our team’s design and development, the internal social platform became an effective and valuable tool for employee engagement. The client was extremely pleased with the final result and it was successfully launched as a central component of the company’s celebrations on World Meningitis Day.

*source: Meningitis Research Foundation