Technical brochure

Technical brochure

To aid Nalco’s sales force promote their revolutionary approach to Legionella risk management in industry, they asked us to design an attention-grabbing technical brochure.


Legionella is transmitted via water, so water treatment specialists Nalco wanted to target industries who use water in their processes. The scale and variety of how and where this could occur is vast, ranging from cooling towers, aerosols, domestic hot water systems, safety showers, and many more.


Impossible to try and depict all of this in one photograph, we chose to create our own virtual industrial plant using computer-generated imagery. Working closely with Nalco, we designed and illustrated the entire environment featuring as many uses and instances of water as we could fit in.

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In addition to the main scene, we produced four further CGI technical illustrations depicting details difficult to capture with photography, such as the inside of an operational cooling tower. The finished technical brochure provided a great visual platform for the Nalco sales team to discuss and identify risks areas with existing and potential customers alike.


Staff engagement brochure

Interior design brochure

Proud of everything we do, this is another one for our design portfolio. As an innovative design agency we helped inspire workplace change and boost employee engagement levels: we delivered an impressive design that helped global employees embrace a new smarter working initiative.



Science brochure design

Science brochure design

Our brochure design team helped AstraZeneca communicate the scientific leadership of their IMED Biotech Unit with a striking design to inspire internal teams and attract top external talent.


Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure

property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.