Advertising – End misconceptions

Integrated ad campaign

Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G), the country’s largest UK-owned airport operator, has launched a fresh and timely campaign to break down misconceptions that airport parking is expensive.

Serving around 50 million passengers every year across Manchester, East Midlands, Stansted and Bournemouth airports, M.A.G has partnered with Parker Design to devise an advertising campaign that focuses on cost and the convenience of travelling from door to door, giving travellers control of every step of their journey, from beginning to end.

To maximise engagement with existing customers and attract new ones at one of the busiest times of the year for travel bookings, Parker Design has devised a fresh advertising campaign that tells the audience that “Your holiday starts here”. Playing with the peace of mind and relaxed feeling that pre-booking airport parking provides, the vibrant campaign spans offline and online banners, 6-sheet posters, bus advertising and radio ads that lead with an attention-grabbing “Get that pre-booked parking feeling!”

Parker Design’s eye-catching and memorable creative places families and couples in different holiday scenarios, whilst still in their parking space at the airport, turning it into the true start of the holiday fun.

Mark Bowers, Parker Design’s Creative Director said: “This was a great and challenging B2C campaign to work on. Promoting airport car parking actually turned out to be a classic case of leveraging a mix of both rational and emotional benefits.

Bringing the joyous feeling of already being on holiday forward to the moment you leave your house, drive to the airport and then park your car, negates the all too well-known stress of actually getting to the airport with your family and bags in tow.

I never thought we could have had so much fun in a car park, but life should always be full of surprises.”

The campaign has gone live on radio and on M.A.G’s website, plus local bus backs and posters around the different locations, and will continue throughout the year.