Exhibition Design – How to put up a pop-up stand

Foldaway exhibition stand

Due to their lightweight structure and small fold-down size, pop-up stands are great for transporting to and from locations, and are really quick and easy to put up. Whether a 3×1 system or larger 5×3, the principles are the same. This guide explains how to do just that:

  1. Unclip the lid from the carrier and take out all components.
  2. Expand the framework by pulling gently apart until fully extended in every direction and clicked into place.
  3. Ensure the coloured plastic hanger hooks are at the top of the frame.how to put up a pop-up stand
  4. Remove the magnetic bars from their holder and insert into the vertical spaces within the frame with the circular magnets on the bars matching those on the framework.
  5. You will need to insert magnetic bars onto the back of each end piece of the frame so that your graphic can curl around and attach at the back forming a smooth curve to your stand.How to put up a pop up stand
  6. Unroll your printed graphics. Keep the coloured tabs at the top and hook them into the corresponding tabs on the top of the frame.How to put up a pop-up exhibition stand
  7. Allow the magnetic strips along the sides to attach themselves and smooth them down from top to bottom with your hands.
  8. Repeat with the other panels, making sure you create a smooth curve on both end panels.How to put up a pop-up show stand
  9. To install the lights, slide the main sections onto the base along the grooves.
  10. Push the light (bulb end pointing up) through the cross-section at the top of the frame. Insert to the left of the required position. 
  11. Slide the light towards the cross-section and twist so that the rods of the frame fit into the specially designed grooves in the base unit of the light.
  12. Pivot and adjust the lights to fit the required levels. Use a secured step ladder to avoid damaging the display.

A bespoke podium can be created for your stand by wrapping a branded panel around the case once you have constructed the stand. This can match your main panels, and the wooden-effect lid inside your container should come out and fix to the top of the case giving a really professional finish to your exhibition space.

When you are taking the stand down, be careful how you store the graphic panels. Don’t lay them together and roll them up as they may become damaged. It is best to roll the first panel up and insert into the case, allowing the panel to spring out and fill the space. Do the same with the second panel (and so on) inserting them inside the panel before. This will take up less space and lower the risk of potential damage.