Nurturing Talent – Supporting future creatives

This week, Parker joined other top agencies in the North West to support the next generation of creative talent at a Behance Manchester event.

Creative Director, Mark Bowers, and Art Director, Tom Gaskell, sat down with other industry leaders to review portfolios of nearly 200 young designers, illustrators and animators.

Organised in a speed dating format, the event allowed each expert to spend three minutes with an aspiring creative professional, to review their chosen body of work, learn more about them as individuals and impart some helpful advice.

“The structure of this event was excellent and it allowed us to meet young creatives from a variety of disciplines,” said Mark. “When you only have a few minutes to impress someone, it helps you focus on what sets you apart from everyone else.

There are a lot of talented young designers across the North West, so it’s important to make yourself memorable.”

Tom added: “This is a great way for Parker to meet young designers that might be a good fit for our team and offer some tips based on what we’ve learned in our own careers.

I also enjoy networking with our agency peers to stay on top of what’s happening in the creative industry.”

The event turned out to be so busy, that Mark and Tom only had the opportunity to speak with 20 aspiring professionals each. We’re looking forward to the next one though!