Animated video content

Animated video content that introduces the viewer to a “world of innovation” by showing a financial professional interacting with Sage’s software product.


Sage is a leading provider of business accounting software. Since their inception in 1981, they’ve grown to help over 6 million customers in 24 countries to work efficiently and successfully. As part of their presence at the industry-leading Accountex exhibition, our client wanted to showcase their capabilities to more than 5,000 accountants and finance directors that the annual event attracts.


They came to us to help them demonstrate their expertise and the reliability of their service, by inspiring desire in a product yet to be realised.


We named it “Sage Engage”. Inspired by the excitement that the presentation of a prototype car generates, we created deeply engaging content.

Working with just a visual sketch from our client, we further developed their vision and brought it to life in the video we produced. We focused on how the product enhances the daily lives of financial advisors and accountants by telling a positive and aspirational story.

The video – “A Day in the Life” – introduces the viewer to a “world of innovation” where we see a financial professional go about his day, enhanced by interaction with the software product.

A combination of live action – all filmed in just one day – cost-effective animation, and sound and visual effects, make it feel like our subject is interacting with the product, really bringing it to life.

For maximum impact and memorability, the animation we created even takes the viewer inside the software product itself, at times making the viewer feel they are the product.

Everything in the video, from the actors we cast, to the music – a confident and relaxed track – contribute to the idea of our client’s expertise and the reliability of their service.


  • We created four story chapters, each representing a different part of the day: “Rise & Shine”, “Prepare to amaze”, “A meeting of minds” and “Discover new business”.
  • We also produced another video, which combines all stages of the day into one compelling narrative.
  • We chose locations and activities the target market could identify with.


The animated video content, which also featured in internal presentations, was a great success at the Accountex exhibition.


Employee engagement documentary

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Gazprom Energy

Corporate video production

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Social media content

Social media content

We opted for social media content creation as a creative way to demonstrate Sage One, the company’s user-friendly suite of online accounting and payroll solutions. Our video production team created an energetic short film highlighting an actual small business using the Sage One app.