Ocean Spray

B2B campaign design

A B2B campaign design that successfully introduces cranberries as a premium ingredient to UK food manufacturers.


Backed by one of the world’s leading fruit ingredient suppliers, the Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) is dedicated to researching and developing new cranberry products for consumers worldwide. Designated as a ‘super food’, cranberries deliver a wide variety of health benefits, but our client needed a solution that would make their product more palatable to food manufacturers across the UK.


The food industry is a competitive marketplace, and with so many competing fruit-based products, we needed a B2B campaign design that would drive awareness and convince manufacturers of both the consumer appeal and natural health benefits of Ocean Spray cranberries.


Food manufacturers are always looking for great new flavours and ingredients that will entice customers and drive product sales. To increase demand for cranberry-based ingredients, our B2B campaign design featured print and digital advertising, as well as a wide range of collateral to support the needs of the company’s UK-based sales team.

Our creative team developed a range of advertising options, including print ads for industry trade publications, as well as product-specific web banner advertising. Each print ad featured a combination of stunning photography, with a mixture of product photography and shots of their unique cranberry harvesting techniques. This combination celebrates the ingredient they owe their global reputation to, and the people and technical know-how that make it available to manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

The web banner ads were designed in various sizes for two products: one focused on fruit fusion products that were more stable and cost-effective than fresh fruit alternatives, and one for a promotional cranberry concentrate auction. These assets were animated and placed on targeted food industry websites to effectively increase brand awareness in the UK.


  • The B2B campaign design celebrates both product quality and harvesting techniques, as well as the health benefits backed by scientific research.
  • Our team worked to highlight visuals in a way that established an air of freshness, from outlining the harvesting process to displaying final ingredients.
  • Sympathetic and stylish typography was used to create high-impact advertising that delivered product information simply and effectively.
  • Client photography was combined with graphical elements taken from the Ocean Spray logo to give a sense of movement and energy.

Chill Factore

Integrated advertising campaign

integrated advertising campaign

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Manchester Airports Group

Integrated ad campaign

Integrated ad campaign

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Giti Tire

Advertising campaign

advertising campaign

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