United Utilities

Booklet design

booklet design

We created a booklet design that immediately generated engagement and understanding of essential local work being carried out.


Responsible for water and wastewater services in North West England, United Utilities delivers 1.8 billion litres of water every day to over 3 million homes and businesses in the region, as well as treating all the wastewater. The company manages an extensive behind the scenes operation, with hundreds of reservoirs, pumping stations and treatment works, thousands of kilometres of pipes and sewers and 5,000 staff.

As the North West’s largest utilities company, United Utilities understands the importance of regular and timely communications with customers and the communities they serve in a memorable, engaging and effective way.


As part of their extensive communications campaigns, the company commissioned a new booklet design for each site affected, containing detailed information on the works being carried out, and the reasons behind them. The booklet design also had to include specifics relating to changes in local road layouts, as well as potential alterations to amenities and services, such as refuse collection.


We created engaging and informative layouts bespoke to each booklet, including detailed illustrated maps and diagrams, and commissioned local photography to immediately establish a connection with local residents and businesses.Booklet designBooklet designBooklet design

Having recently undertaken a brand refresh, United Utilities’ new identity is welcoming and approachable, and lends itself perfectly to this type of communication, getting our client closer to its customers in a memorable way.Booklet design

The booklet designs have proved extremely effective in communicating key information with residents, and since then we’ve carried out a large number of similar projects.


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