Salt Union

Company handbook design

Company Handbook Graphic Design Cheshire UK

Winsford-based Salt Union, part of Compass Minerals drew on Parker Design Consultants’ extensive experience to ensure they got the very best solution for their company handbook design. Company handbook design requires a very considered approach.

A company handbook contains vital information for its employees, setting out processes and policies and procedures. The handbook design therefore needs to have a very professional tone, and yet be friendly, easy to follow and easy to navigate.

By the very nature of the contents, company handbooks also need to be updated easily and cost efficiently. To achieve this we designed Salt Union’s company handbook as an oversized A5 ring binder and inserts. Picking up on the brand colour we created a clean well laid out page design with legible typography and easy to follow formatting.

With well over 100 pages of content it was important to clearly separate the different sections of the handbook to help navigate the reader to the correct information. To do this we used striking red tabbed dividers, which we laminated to protect from heavy use.

Pulling on our experience of company handbook design we also used other little tricks of the trade such as not having page numbers. This allows individual, or groups of pages to be updated as and when required, reprinted and dropped back into the handbooks without disrupting the overall page order and avoiding the need for a full reprint.