Digital banners

digital banners

We created a suite of digital banners that successfully elevated Rousselot’s online brand awareness.


Digital banners are a core element of any digital marketing campaign, and offer a number of benefits over static ones. By providing movement on a website, a dynamic digital banner can draw attention to a brand. It also provides an opportunity to cycle through a number of messages using multiple frames. It’s a highly memorable and effective format that engages audiences.


After creating a range of animated digital banners to support the suite of print advertisements we had developed for Rousselot’s sub-brand Peptan, we were asked to produce an animated banner style for their sister sub-brand ‘Gelatine’. The digital banners consisted of four ‘slides’ of information detailing the product benefits and highlighting the various trade shows the company would be banners

In the case of the Rousselot Gelatine banners we drew attention to the benefits of the product with short bullet-pointed lists and clear typography. Animated banners also tend to generate higher click-through rates, driving traffic to your website or landing page, and are a good platform to elevate your online brand awareness.

Working within the technical requirements of the websites on which the banners were to be shown, we kept the layout and transitions simple in order to keep the file size to a minimum in consideration of web page loading times.

Alliance Manchester Business School

Animated banner gifs

Animated banner gifs

We created a distinctive set of animated banner gifs that helped our client rise above competitors in a crowded digital space by focusing on the uniqueness of their offer.


Alliance Manchester Business School

Recruitment web banners

The design as well as the build of these recruitment web banners is focused on conversion, with copy that hooks viewers in straight away, prominent CTAs and minimum rotations.



Animated banners

Banner ad design

With our digital agency expertise, we created a set of beautiful and persuasive animated banners that compelled Exodus' audience to click through and explore 'where they'd rather be'.