Direct mail design

Direct mail design

We targeted accountants with a clever direct mail design that helped Sage drive interest in their Personal Tax Online service.


Sage is an international technology company, specialising in integrated payment systems and software solutions for accounting, tax and payroll. Having recently launched a new version of its Personal Tax Online product, we were asked to design a direct marketing piece that would drive accountants to their website to learn more about the service.Direct mail design


To encourage accountants to learn more about the product, we needed to create a direct mail design that would provide a compelling call to action in a simple and cost-effective way.


We’d previously designed a financial marketing campaign for Sage that targeted the same audience with a wider suite of accounting products. To create a design that aligned with existing collateral, but had its own unique look and feel, we integrated a key campaign visual for the exterior.Direct mail design

To expand on the ‘Suits You’ theme inside the piece, we narrowed the colour palette to blue, teal and white, creating a direct mail design that was bright, engaging, and yet simple. This allowed our design team to focus the recipient’s attention on key product benefits, and then immediately hook them with the call to action.Direct mail design

We created two versions of the design: one standard print version, and one that included a web key that connected accountants directly to our client’s product website. Direct mail design

This cost-effective strategy allowed us to generate widespread awareness about the product, while ensuring that top-tier targets would have immediate access to information.

The folded A5 direct mail design was cost-effective to produce, and also included a simple diagonal to create visual interest.Direct mail design

We secured the piece with two transparent wafer seals to protect the web key and allow for automated mail processing without impacting on the design quality.

Our client was thrilled with this creative and cost-effective approach, which delivered an added boost to their on-going campaign efforts.


Direct mail campaign

Direct mail campaign

We are a marketing agency that brings together people, businesses and ideas through transformative design and effective marketing strategy. With this clever campaign, we helped Kingspan engage with architects, driving an increase in enquiries and giving sales teams more direct access to customers.



Web key direct mail

Web key direct mail

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Grand Tourist

Travel direct mail

travel direct mail

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