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Travel direct mail

travel direct mailAn innovative and clever marketing idea, this travel direct mail piece is a unique way of advertising the luxury and exclusive holiday experiences offered by Grand Tourist.


Grand Tourist offers unique tailored experiences to France, Italy, the Middle East, India, and more. Our client understands that in the premium market, capturing the essence and the small details behind a luxury experience in a memorable, yet subtle way, is essential to establishing a real and lasting connection with the target audience.


This direct mail campaign had to not only help increase sales figures, but also to transmit the right kind of brand message around exclusivity and luxury, and the idea that travel is not only about the destination or time away from home, but about the unique and unforgettable experiences that Grand Tourist can offer.


The memorable travel direct mail we created features a playful 14-page concertina folded booklet, an irresistible piece of communications. Marketing a different global destination every month, the direct mail piece immediately attracts the attention of prospective direct mail

The clever design also doubles up as a beautifully designed travel calendar promotion direct mail

Spectacular photography of the most exclusive destinations and experiences, next to inspiring copy and large blocks of vibrant colour contribute to a striking and aspirational look and direct mail

Once the unique travel direct mail pieces had been designed and printed, they were delivered to our client’s existing customer base, as well as potential new customers in premium quality branded envelopes – all adding to the exclusive nature of the travel experiences offered by Grand Tourist.


Magazine design and content

magazine design

We're a design agency that focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals. This time, it was print design – with engaging content creation and stunning visuals, the travel magazine we created for Exodus increased their travel bookings by 62%. A result worthy of our design portfolio.



Direct mail campaign

Direct mail campaign

We are a marketing agency that brings together people, businesses and ideas through transformative design and effective marketing strategy. With this clever campaign, we helped Kingspan engage with architects, driving an increase in enquiries and giving sales teams more direct access to customers.


Thomson Reuters

Web key direct mail campaign

Web key direct mail campaign

An effective combination of playful print design and clever digital solutions contributed to this web key direct mail campaign generating an 81% increase in monthly website traffic.