Internal information collateral design

Internal information collateral design

With the workforce gradually returning to AstraZeneca sites, we developed an internal information collateral design that helped generate awareness of the variety of Covid-19 PCR tests available.


Since early 2020 when the true scale of the Covid-19 crisis became clear, AstraZeneca made a commitment to help defeat the virus by harnessing and sharing their scientific knowledge and expertise.

Our client recognises that the pandemic is a challenge that requires a unified response, both in terms of the development of potential medicines to prevent or treat the virus, and also in terms of the individual contribution everyone can make by protecting themselves from the virus, in order to minimise the risk of transmission and protect others.


With some of the workforce gradually returning to the AstraZeneca offices and labs, our brief was to create an internal information collateral design to help generate awareness of the variety of Covid-19 PCR tests available to take on site.


The collateral is information-led and maximises the use of big bold typography and a strong colour palette to attract attention and get the message across straight away.

We applied the same colour-coding principles used in an information video we had previously created for our client as part of the awareness campaign.

We redrew and created a series of illustrations that act as visual aids to the different steps an individual should expect when attending or carrying out a Covid-19 test.

The internal information collateral included posters and pull-up banners to be used where tests were taking place – walk-up and drive-in testing areas – as well as plasma screen slides, an editable PowerPoint dashboard and other assets, including branded coffee cups.

Internal information collateral designInternal information collateral design

We also produced localised versions for AstraZeneca teams in the US and Sweden.

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