Property Find International

International property brochure

International property brochure

It was vital for a business dealing with significant investment from its customers that this international property brochure delivered a look which inspired trust, reassurance and credibility.


As a start-up company run by a father and son team, Property Find International needed to get themselves noticed and transmit a sense of being a much bigger operation than they were.


The first requirement was to create a new brand for the company, which would help them give them the impression of a much larger operation.


We designed a new sophisticated logo, comprising of a classical serif typeface and elegant graphic evocative of a stylised waving flag. The new logo then inspired the shape of the graphic running through the international property brochure design, with a strong sweeping band housing carefully selected photography, aimed at both business and leisure property investors. International property brochure

Picking up on the corporate colours from the new logo, we then designed the brochure with a clean professional, and yet warm and approachable look. Crisp, well laid out typography completed the look.

 A phone call to our client from a competitor company with over 100 staff

proved the success the brochure helped achieve:

Having received one of Property Find International’s brochures, the competitor expressed a strong desire

to do business with them, but feared that Property Find International were probably too big for them and wouldn’t be interested.

To allow the international property brochure to be as flexible as possible, we kept the brochure copy fairly generic.

We also designed a fold-out pocket where more specific property detail sheets, itineraries or contracts could be inserted. The brochure was printed onto a crisp white silk stock and finished with a matt laminate, giving it a premium feel.International property brochure

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