Mail shot design

Direct Mail

This personalised mail shot design helped Sage generate brand awareness and ultimately had a positive impact on sales figures.


With greater accuracy and impact than other marketing and advertising methods, direct mail is still an extremely popular way of communicating sales messages.


Sage came to us to help them produce a mail shot design with the aim of generating sales and raise awareness to existing customers whilst also generating interest from new target audiences.


With extensive experience in direct marketing, we carefully planned the campaign to establish the right message and design style so that it would generate a high response rate. Clear, targeted and suitable calls to action played a crucial part in this. For this New Year (Tax) Resolutions campaign, we included the added feature of personalising each print to the recipient, a method proven to achieve increased response levels.

With endless possibilities for format when it comes to mail shot design, our design team took into account all aspects, including design and print costs, bespoke shape cutting and send costs (quantity, quality, size, location, recipient demographics). We also took the time to discuss the required outcomes of the mail shot design with our client to help them establish a suitable spend budget compared to the return on investment projected.

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Direct mail campaign

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