Kheiron Medical Technologies

Medical infographic design

Medical infographic designWith an extremely fast turnaround, we produced a medical infographic design that was a success for our client thanks to its functional versatility and engaging creative ideas.


Kheiron Medical is a medical imaging company that uses advanced machine learning technologies to develop and provide intelligent tools for radiologists, radiology departments, imaging centres and hospitals.

With public healthcare resources often stretched, Kheiron’s mission is to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier. Our client’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) breast cancer screening solution Mia (Mammography Intelligent Assessment) was recently one of the winners of the first UK Government Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Awards.

The award comes with an injection of funds that will help speed up the roll-out and rapid adoption of Mia across the NHS, providing critical support to breast screening programmes and therefore helping clinicians accurately identify breast cancer earlier.


Following the success of Mia’s clinical trial, we were asked to create a medical infographic design that would help Kheiron showcase in a simple and highly effective way the elements and features that had made a success of the clinical trial, and ultimately the deep learning AI technology behind Mia.

The infographic, intended for use on an interactive microsite we’d created to support Kheiron’s presence at a key industry virtual event, had to be turned around fast.


A combination of brand colours, illustrations, icons and different font sizes help transmit key information and stats in a clear and engaging way.

Medical infographic design

Making the most of Kheiron’s narrow colour palette, we colourised illustrations to match with the brand’s colour scheme and offer a consistent experience throughout the end user journey.

Medical infographic design

To make the infographic design as versatile as possible, we structured it in such a way that it could function as a stand-alone piece of collateral, and also as individual elements that would serve a purpose in their own right: each of the different segments could be used as independent assets in social media campaigns.

Medical infographic design

The format of the infographic is also easily adaptable to target our client’s audience by email. In addition to the infographic, we also produced web banners and a one-page information leaflet.


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Employee absenteeism is costly for growing businesses. As a design agency with over 20 years' experience, we helped HRonline demonstrate the scope of the problem with a bold and playful infographic that informed HR managers and increased engagement with their sales team.



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