PowerPoint template design

PowerPoint templateA PowerPoint template design and build that is clean, uncluttered and highly intuitive, making it easy for users to create engaging presentations that get the audience’s buy-in.


CCP (Chemicals & Consumables Project) was born with the goal to consolidate and simplify ways of working, distil processes and increase operational efficiencies.


To get audiences on board with the project, the team at AstraZeneca had asked us to create a new brand identity that would engage at first sight, as well as associated brand collateral, including a PowerPoint template. The PowerPoint design would have to be visually strong and easy for users to work with and make their own.


The design of the PowerPoint template is driven by the new logo we had created – with drops of colour that combine to hint at the shape of a heart, a leaf, evoking in audiences the notions of being human and how a passion for science and innovation makes a difference to patients.

We filled the PowerPoint template with a range of options for users to play with as they immersed themselves in the creation of their own presentations to tell their own story, always keeping the confident personality of the brand identity we created front of mind.

We also ensured we kept the template slides consistent to avoid confusion for users and maximise audience engagement – away from too many distractions – once the presentation was ready to share.

PowerPoint template

The result is a PowerPoint template design that is clean and uncomplicated, helping make the process of creating new presentations seamless and highly intuitive.

PowerPoint template

King’s Leadership Academy

School PowerPoint design

school PowerPoint design

Having designed the identity for King’s Leadership Academy, we were then asked to create a suite of presentation design solutions for use at various public events, involving several different audiences: stakeholders, government educational bodies, local businesses and parents.


Four Seasons Health Care

Prezi presentation

prezi presentation

We created a Prezi presentation design that immediately establishes a connection between the company values and the employees who make them a reality.



Presentation design

presentation design

As a design agency that excels in high-quality presentation design, we were able to help Kingspan create a series of educational CPD course materials to help their sales team engage with customers and present themselves more persuasively.