Short film production

Drawing from our experience in short film production, we elevated the corporate video into something much more powerful – and watchable.

Video is a very powerful medium and can be used to great effect both online and as part of sales presentations. Parker Design have a great deal of experience in short film production, elevating the humble corporate video into something much more powerful – and watchable.

We have worked with Sage Accountants Division for many years on many of their promotional campaigns, across a wide variety of media. One of the most powerful ways of getting their message across has been through a series of short film production case studies. Working with our film crew we have travelled the length and breadth of the country to capture footage of accountants who are strong advocates of the Sage product range.

Working with auto-cue or from a prewritten script the short films are shot and edited in a documentary style. A variety of footage is captured on location comprising of a mixture of interviews, scene setting cut away shots and on this occasion the accountant visiting one of his clients. The finished short films are cleverly edited together to portray the subject in a very natural way, imbuing real credibility in the message.

Sage feature the short films on their YouTube channel as well as using them in presentations at roadshow events.

H&T Presspart

Workplace safety video

workplace safety video

To help H&T Presspart inspire safety in their manufacturing environment, we produced a concise yet highly engaging Health & Safety video.


N8 Research Partnership

Animated video production

Animated video production

We used motion graphics and engaging infographic design to help N8 highlight the findings of their economic impact report. The effective animation made key data memorable and easy for viewers to understand.


Gazprom Energy

Corporate video production

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production that helped GazProm, one of the world’s largest extractors of natural gas, highlight staff accomplishments and communicate challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.