Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is about creating design with a purpose.

We believe your company needs more than a logo or strapline – you need a visual identity that tells an engaging story and resonates with your target audience.

Whether you’re refreshing, repositioning or looking for something totally new, our creative team can help you develop a winning brand strategy that raises your profile and connects with customers.

With over 20 years experience in consumer and B2B markets, we ensure our clients achieve reliable results through beautiful, focused design. From multinational corporations to established SMEs, clients of every shape and size trust us to deliver creative solutions that inspire.

Our approach to brand strategy is distilled into eight key stages:

1. Discovery

To further inform the development of your brand identity, we investigate your sector challenges, competitive advantages and position in key markets. We use this intelligence to identify areas of opportunity and build a foundation for a focused and effective brand strategy.

2. Insight

We recognise that nobody knows your business better than you do – so to create an effective brand strategy, we go straight to the source.

Our team takes the time to ask the right questions, generating a deeper understanding of your brand values, history, needs, key audiences and objectives.

3. Strategy

Our agency’s unique approach puts you at the centre of the creative process. You’ll collaborate closely with our team of experienced professionals to develop a comprehensive plan that works – and connects, strengthens and reinforces your visual identity across multiple communication channels.

4. Creative Direction

We can articulate a vision for your brand that is translated strategically to reach your target audience. This clear, focused direction will help establish the look and feel of a campaign, or breathe new life into a dated corporate identity.

5. Design

Your seamless design experience begins here with memorable, focused design built on a foundation of market intelligence. Our team partners with you to bring all the elements together in a visually compelling way that sets your brand apart from the competition and rolls out effortlessly across your entire marketing mix.

6. Development

Whether you need traditional collateral, digital design or web development, we can offer you an integrated approach that delivers hard-hitting results and a solid return on investment.

7. Implementation

With the groundwork laid, our team can effectively launch your internal and external brand strategy to generate true value for your business. Our detailed approach to project management and wealth of experience will ensure your new visual identity connects with target audiences at key touchpoints and communicates on multiple levels.

8. Measurement

We understand the value of performance. Our team is skilled at measuring your level of brand effectiveness by tracking outcomes and deliverables at key stages.

Are customers engaging with you? Have you increased awareness of your products and services in the market? Does your brand identity resonate with the target market?

Determining whether you’ve achieved your objectives requires knowledge of the tools available to collect data – both online and off – as well as the experience to analyse and adapt your strategy to increase its effectiveness.