Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing

Together with the management team at Smart Money Loans, we developed a range of email marketing campaigns to engage existing and potential customers with timely and memorable communications.


The design and digital teams at Parker Design have extensive experience creating both effective and professional-looking email marketing campaigns. Working with both B2B and B2C clients, we create powerful and successful campaigns which form part of our clients’ overall marketing strategies. The benefits of email marketing include increased brand loyalty and cultivating repeat sales for the future, as well as attracting and acquiring new customers.


Smart Money Loans had previously relied on email campaigns, and following a rebrand completed earlier in the year, they required some fresh designs.


The campaign designs draw upon the style we developed for the corporate stationery and website, and support the overall brand ethos of the company itself. The bold messages, colour palettes and typography convey the direct and uncomplicated approach the business uses throughout all its operations, underpinning the brand

We also created a range of email templates which can be used by Smart Money Loans themselves to rapidly send out ‘breaking news’ concerning offers or deals to their client base.

In addition to creating the email designs, we also manage the scheduling and sending of the email campaigns on Smart Money Loans’ behalf, feeding back reports and statistics on the effectiveness and impact of each

Smart Money Loans have achieved substantial growth this year on last, and with the email campaigns being the major marketing activity employed during that period, the rebrand and freshen up of the designs has played a significant part in it.


Email invitation design

Email invite design

We helped SolutionsPT attract a high number of registrations for a historic event with an engaging email invitation design.


Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

digital marketing agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.


Thomson Reuters

Email campaign design

email campaign design

Performing well above industry benchmark, this email campaign design played a major role in achieving our client’s main objective: to increase traffic to their microsite.