Employee brand development

Employee brand development

This insightful employee brand development exercise helped SPXFLOW drive internal collaboration amongst a diverse global team.


Insightful employee brand development can help energise employees and encourage them to work together. Following a series of mergers and acquisitions that helped SPXFLOW significantly expand its global presence, our client asked us to develop a strong internal brand to help it transmit a message of unity and common purpose across their global and diverse workforce.


The new identity had to engage employees in a powerful way, making each person feel that they’re part of the same team. It also had to inspire them to collaborate across borders – whether geographical or related to their roles.


To unite the company’s global team behind a shared vision, we developed an internal brand design that communicates the personal mark every individual makes towards the common goal. Utilising elements from the client’s brand, we developed a fingerprint with a map of the world inside it – a distinctive identity that helped SPXFLOW convey their message effectively.

The quality execution allows the detailed and intricate design to perfectly adapt to a variety of formats and sizes, even smaller ones such as email signatures. The new employee brand development gave all internal communications a consistent look and feel, reinforcing a message of unity. The identity was rolled out to lanyards, engineering prints, pull-up banners, presentations, A2 posters, security passes and mission cards.Employee brand developmentEmployee brand developmentEmployee brand development

We also produced a video animation filled with playful action that engages audiences from the start. Chosen as the main vehicle to inform employees worldwide about the company’s efforts to improve ways of working, the animation presents teams from the various global regions SPXFLOW operates in engaged in a gameshow-style challenge, where individuals collaborate to put together pieces of a puzzle. Seeing the pieces of the puzzle turn into the shape of a fingerprint helped our client demonstrate how teamwork delivers results for all involved.Employee brand development


Branding strategy and development

Branding strategy

BrightHR needed to reinvent themselves, and as a branding agency known for their stunning design portfolio, always coupled with marketing strategy effectiveness, we delivered a distinctive identity that changed how they were perceived in the HR industry.



Employee engagement animation

Employee engagement agency

Our content creation team used custom motion graphics to instil unity among SPXFLOW's global team by encouraging employee engagement and highlighting how each individual contributes to collective goals. The animation was a success at all SPXFLOW'S global locations.



Employer branding campaign

employer branding campaign

We have worked closely with AstraZeneca for many years. This time we were asked to help them develop an ambitious employee communications campaign and branding that supported internal efforts to increase employee engagement, and upskill and develop leaders in the organisation.