Hanging banners

hanging bannersTo help SolutionsPT celebrate a company milestone and launch a new product we created a set of hanging banners that whet the audience’s appetite with the excitement and possibility of what’s yet to come.


The sole distributor of Wonderware software in the UK & Ireland, SolutionsPT have been providing industrial IT solutions for three decades. Ready to launch Wonderware’s next generation at a historic event, our client needed a variety of conference materials, including a set of hanging banners that immediately captured the attention of delegates.


Following on from the new branding we had developed, our team of designers then had to move on to produce email invitations and video content, as well as event and conference collateral. The brief also included the delivery of a set of imposing hanging banners that would help maintain intrigue and excitement throughout the delegate journey.


The banners maximise the impact of our new branding solution: the main concept of ‘Seeing is Believing’ helps position SolutionsPT as a company that delivers on its promises. The manufacturers of today are linked with the technology of the future in a visually impactful and memorable way.hanging bannershanging banners

Wonderware had already come up with the plasma ball shape, so to hint at the concept of visual focus we created a striking graphic in the shape of an eye, which immediately draws audiences in.hanging bannershanging banners

Different creative approaches for the hanging banners backgrounds add visual variety, ensuring the message embeds itself in the mind and keeping interest levels high.

Four Seasons Health Care

Employee engagement posters

employee engagement posters

With over 250 care homes nationwide, Four Seasons Health Care wanted to transmit the importance of complying with GDPR in a way that was effective, memorable, and fun.



Roadshow collateral design

Our roadshow collateral design facilitated the client's transition of employees to their new company headquarters.



Corporate culture collateral design

corporate culture collateral design

To go beyond communicating corporate values, and encourage employees to truly believe in them, we developed a corporate culture collateral design that unifies teams across eight countries under one common goal.