Medical posters

medical posters

With the graphical approach we applied to this medical posters design project, we helped show very quickly and in a highly visual manner the benefits patients can enjoy thanks to Alere’s products.


Over the years we have helped Alere reach their goals through a variety of channels – brochure, exhibition stands, even a newsletter.


This time, Alere commissioned us to design a set of medical posters to help them demonstrate the alternative healthcare pathways that can be achieved through the use of their innovative point-of-care diagnostic products.


The design of the medical posters took the form of two flow diagrams, one following the traditional care pathway, and one showing the Alere pathway. This graphical approach showed very quickly and in a highly visual manner the benefit to patients delivered through Alere’s products.medical posters

We designed a total of eight medical posters within the set, each one focusing on a specific therapy area and promoting the relevant Alere product.Medical postersmedical posters

The posters were given a personal touch with the inclusion of a Polaroid-style photo of a patient, reinforcing the message that the choice of healthcare pathways is about real people: the patient should always be at the centre of any decision.

“We find it tremendously efficient working with Parker Design.

Having direct access to their team of designers means that we can maximise our marketing spend.

Not only that, they excel in the creative stakes and consistently deliver a first class service that we have come to rely on, sometimes against very tight deadlines.”

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