Modular exhibition stand design

Modular exhibition stand designThe modular exhibition stand design we created for Sage to demo their accounting software allowed our client to maximise their time and investment thanks to its flexibility and appeal, regardless of configuration.


Having planned to promote and run demos of their software at a number of key industry events, Sage needed a solution that would allow them to change and adapt the exhibition design configuration quickly and easily.


Sage needed a stand that could be repurposed for different configurations, plots and event types – large exhibitions, seminars, or for use in congress break-out areas. All whilst retaining its quality, appeal, and audience impact, show after show.


After considering different options, we opted for a solution that would offer the most versatility and durability, maximising Sage’s return on investment.Modular exhibition stand design

The modular exhibition stand design consists of two full height seamless graphic walls which can be split and used separately for smaller events, or joined together to create one large stand.Modular exhibition stand design

The flexible framework beneath the graphics allows the stand to be further reconfigured through a combination of straight lines and curves to easily adapt to a variety of footprints.

For the first event of the roadshow, including two branded light-box columns added real impact to the modular exhibition stand design. Easy to attach, they can be used to flank the main graphic walls, helping transmit a sense of authority in the exhibition space, as well as an open and welcoming feel.Modular exhibition stand design

We also designed and built four additional free-standing demo pods which can be used individually in small spaces, or together as partitions to add extra structure to bigger areas.Modular exhibition stand design

We paid special attention to the graphics to ensure they would work seamlessly across different stand configurations, whether their purpose was to transmit individual messages, or as part of a set. We created the graphics in such a way to enable Sage to easily interchange them for specific tailored events, ultimately building an asset bank which they could adapt in line with future business priorities.

Whilst the modular exhibition system design is simple enough for the client to transport and erect themselves, for its first four outings across the UK, Sage asked us to provide a full turnkey solution, managing all aspects of the logistics and installations.

“The stand went down well, it looked amazing and all equipment was working with no issues at all.

It had great impact and I had lots of greet feedback. The sales team loved the pods, so they were ideal.

This has been my first big event with Sage and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you, so thank you very much for making everything seamless and picking up a lot of work at very short notice.”

Senior Campaign Manager, Sage

For the first event of the series, Sage had initially booked two plots: the networking area in the centre of the exhibition space – which they were sponsoring – and a smaller side plot, where they planned to run the software demos.

Instead, we recommended that all content was concentrated in the centre, turning it into an attractive hub of activity and strengthening Sage’s presence in the busy exhibition hall.Modular exhibition stand design

To further encourage dialogue between Sage and their audience, we laid a subfloor covered with AstroTurf and surrounded the plot with custom-made white picket fences.

A professional barista-served coffee bar was installed on the stand, complete with Sage-branded coffee cups. The space, open on different sides to take advantage of its central position, offered a friendly and welcoming experience from every angle.Modular exhibition stand design


  • To ensure no connectivity issues affected the software demos, we integrated a dedicated hard-wired – rather than wi-fi – Internet connection and built a platform floor to conceal all cabling underneath.
  • The smaller units included storage space where equipment could be secured overnight. This also allowed Sage to use the space to conceal laptops where the accounting software had been installed, while keyboards were placed on the counter above, allowing sales teams to carry out demos in a neat and organised environment.
  • All exhibition elements can quickly and easily be put together, and dismantled, by one or two people, whether our team or the client’s – after being fully trained by ourselves.
  • The light materials we used, which pack down into wheeled flight cases, make the exhibition system easy to transport from venue to venue.
  • The modular picket fencing can also be tailored to a variety of plot sizes and shapes.

The modular exhibition stand design, and its different configurations, has been a success at a number of shows already.Modular exhibition stand design

Commercial Motor

Modular stand

With this modular stand we kept it simple, relying on a confident approach to branding and an open and fluid structure that attracted delegates despite Covid-19 still being front of mind.


Nix & Kix

Food and drink expo stand

Food and drink expo stand

With sold-out products on the last day of the show and a 12% uplift in sales at Tesco, this versatile food and drink expo stand was a huge success for our client.


Stirling Lloyd

Modular exhibition design

Modular exhibition design

After exhibiting for a number of years using a standard shell scheme, Stirling Lloyd wanted to create a bigger impact at future shows with a modular exhibition design that would help them drive incremental visitor traffic and sales leads.