Exhibition Stand Design

With exhibition stand design, you need to keep it simple – give your audience one thing to remember, and not 10 to forget.

Innovative and engaging stand design allows you to instantly showcase your brand, products and services in front of hundreds – sometimes thousands – of potential customers. It’s not just about having an event space, it’s about designing a brand experience that audiences want to be invited into and interact with, and will remember for years to come.

Our exhibitions and experiential team creates beautiful, focused stand design that audiences can’t help but notice, and remember after they’ve left the exhibition hall. By identifying our client’s unique goals and desires, we can develop an exhibition stand design that achieves your marketing objectives and drives traffic to your event space.

From product demonstrations, or creating a space for your sales team to generate leads, store marketing collateral overnight, considering build materials and finishes to match what you stand for as a business and what your aims are; to including a full AV suite, perhaps even a presentation theatre, refreshments, furniture to facilitate longer dwell times and meaningful exchanges with your sales teams, even games. Thanks to ideas like these, and more, we’ve been creating successful exhibition stand designs for over 25 years.

And whether you want to maximise your budget and repurpose the stand for more than one show, more than one year, or you want to make the most memorable impression with a one-off impactful exhibition stand design, we will always keep a very close eye on costs.

Our bespoke stand ideas combine beautiful design, function and purpose, and the latest technology to help you enhance your brand presence and achieve results that really make a difference to you and your audience.