Office branding design

office branding designA dynamic yet solid office branding design solution that turned an empty office into a welcoming and engaging space where ideas and employee recognition flow.


Our client’s data-led logistics and locker technology for global businesses “keep the world working”. ByBox software platforms and physical lockers enable hundreds of blue-chip businesses to operate with less inventory and reduce costs thanks to the company’s expertise in field services and innovative software solutions.

Following continued success and growth, ByBox decided to not only relocate its headquarters, but to move to a much larger office space that was a complete blank canvas.


To turn an empty space into a welcoming and motivating space that employees can embrace and identify with from day 1.


Inspired by our client’s simple yet strong brand, the office branding design relies on a series of highly visual features – frosted vinyl on glass, wall graphics, new thinking spaces – that energise employees and visitors as soon as they step in. office branding design

Strategically placed, the visuals fill the office space and focus the angle of vision, yet leave room to absorb and reflect on what ByBox stands branding design

To maximise an empty space opposite a hot-desking area, we designed the Create zone, where bright colours and soft informal seating encourages conversation and the generation of new branding design

A signature wall of diamond-shaped panels communicates the importance our client places on recognising employee branding design

The choice of materials not only adds to the beauty of the feature – metal is also the perfect vehicle to transmit the idea that solid achievements will stand the test of time, maximising employee engagement and participation in idea-generating branding design

Despite the solid and static appearance of the employee recognition wall, new diamond shapes can be easily added to make way for the latest achievements, allowing teams to feel that employee recognition is not an isolated experience, but it runs through the organisation at all times.

Instead of numbering the various meeting rooms in the space, we opted for a mixture of strong and inspiring names, a nod to the qualities displayed by ByBox branding design

Prominent yet minimal blocks of colour are the perfect addition to the boardroom environment, making the ByBox brand an active meeting participant. office branding design

STEM Healthcare

Office interior branding

Office interior branding

We designed an environment to engage, motivate and congratulate STEM staff for their past efforts, and to encourage them to focus on the company's promising future. Employee engagement as "part of the furniture".



Workspace design

Workspace design

We produced a clever and impactful workspace design solution that helped increase employee engagement by highlighting individuals and the contributions they make towards Sage's success.



Office branding

Office branding

The office branding we created for AstraZeneca increased levels of employee engagement by inspiring pride in staff and making them feel they are an essential part of the organisation.