Reward and Recognition

Boost employee engagement through reward and recognition, and it’ll have an impact not just on productivity and employee satisfaction levels, but also on staff retention. And all those factors put together will ultimately benefit your company as a whole.

Having a clear set of objectives, and then recognising and rewarding your employees regularly – daily, monthly or once a year to celebrate their achievements – will open the door to a positive working environment, a deeper awareness of employees’ own efforts, and those of their colleagues, and will inspire everyone to push for innovation because they’re made to feel that their contributions matter.

Reward and recognition can go a long way to reinforce behaviours that yield positive results, and can be a great way of strengthening your corporate values, so make sure any reward and recognition initiatives are strongly connected to them.

A vital element for a successful reward and recognition programme is the way it’s presented to your employees, and whether it can encourage a strong sense of personal responsibility and ownership.

Technology can be one your most effective and engaging partners when it comes to recognising the efforts of employees.

From your employees’ perspective, technology can add an element of fun and also control, and will guarantee maximum take-up as well as engagement across teams, departments and locations. From your perspective, as an employer, it’ll help you communicate to employees that you not only invest time and effort in innovating to get ahead of competitors, you also do it for your staff. And investing in technology, such as an app, will allow you to measure engagement in your latest initiative not only after, but also as it happens, in real time.

Below are just some examples where we’ve helped our clients reach their employee reward and recognition goals. Get in touch if you want to find out more.