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Workplace safety video

To help H&T Presspart inspire safety in their manufacturing environment, we produced a concise yet highly engaging workplace safety video.


Research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive reveals some concerning statistics regarding Health & Safety in the workplace. To name a few – in a one-year period, 1.7 million employees suffered from a work-related illness, over 50,000 injuries were reported under RIDDOR, and 31.2 million working days were lost.

For H&T Presspart, a leading provider of medical drug-delivery devices and components to the pharmaceutical sector, safety comes first.Medical products website design


We were tasked with producing a concise yet effective workplace safety video to help communicate the importance of adhering to the company’s Health & Safety guidelines. The video, shown in the building’s reception area, had to engage and immediately capture the attention of both visitors and employees.


Prior to the shoot, we developed a script and creative strategy.

The video opens with stunning aerial drone footage, presenting H&T Presspart as a leading organisation with safety at the centre of its global operations.workplace safety video

The relaxed yet formal tone of the different scenes, professional voiceover artist* and music track immediately evoke stability and safety, and avoids distracting the audience from the message being communicated. This approach lets viewers absorb and process key safety instructions quickly.workplace safety video

We opted for a mixture of actors and real H&T Presspart employees, adding authenticity and immediately emphasising the connection between colleagues and visitors, and the part everyone plays in achieving a safe working environment.

The workplace safety video was shot – in only one day – by a 2-person team with a drone operator, and 4 different cameras that produced 4 different Log files; using this format allowed us to retain more visual data, contributing to the technical and narrative quality of the film. To stabilise moving shots, our crew used a gyroscopically stabilised camera.

Once narrative and edit were in place, our video editors were able to balance colour and light from interior and exterior shots to give the illusion that all footage was shot with only one camera, adding a consistent visual tone to the film.

(*) an edited version has been included here for illustrative purposes


Employee engagement brochure

Employee engagement brochure

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product launch video

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Animated product video

Animated product video

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