Suzie Nield

Employee Communications Manager

“I achieve strong results with a good splash of common sense thrown in.”

I’ve worked for over twenty years and gained a wealth of experience in full service, live events and experiential agencies across multiple sectors including healthcare, finance, charity and retail for Barclays, DHL, Sony Ericsson, Diabetes UK, Santander and the NHS. I have extensive project lead and organisation capabilities and strong leadership and mentoring skills.

At Parker, my primary responsibility is to target new customers and grow our client base. Mainly focusing on developing and delivering strategies to engage with global organisations with a large workforce, my aim is to share our expertise in employee engagement and internal communications to help companies motivate, develop and engage their talent. Over the years I’ve seen how an improved employee experience leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention, in turn resulting in lower staff turnover, increased profitability, and ultimately company growth.

I achieve strong results in business development, project delivery, marketing and team development and management with a good splash of common sense thrown in. I have solid commercial acumen and a devotion to understanding in-depth customer knowledge to ensure projects are maximised and delivered to their full potential.

Production is so much faster these days, and digital printing as we know it today wasn’t really a thing in my early career, so I quite often reminisce about the old days of matchprint proofing and drum scanning transparencies!

Outside of work, I love everything outdoors, with mountains, camping and cycling being top of the list. I absolutely love performance cars (not that I drive one!) and I’m a big motorsport fan. My husband and I are both from agency backgrounds so we’re always seeking out inspiring design ideas, cool creative and beautiful photography. We love any outdoor adventure and before having our two lovely children, we did quite a bit of backpacking, mostly in India and Nepal for life-changing trekking to Everest and Annapurna base camps. Time away with the children now is usually in the Alps – winter and summer – and nurturing them into everything outdoors and keeping fit. Food isn’t just fuel and I love seeking out little eateries everywhere we go. Music is a massive part of my life, so thankfully the Parker playlist keeps my foot tapping throughout the day.

And my favourite and most over-used saying – ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’