Banner ad design

Banner ad designWe created a set of beautiful and persuasive digital banner ad designs that compelled Exodus’ audience to click through and explore ‘where they’d rather be’.


Banner ad design can be one of the most effective ways to drive highly targeted website traffic. A combination of compelling design and messaging, and a strong call to action will create intrigue and encourage your audience to click through to find out more.

Exodus, with over 40 years’ experience in active and adventure holidays, had devised a campaign aimed at generating brand awareness and sales leads. The theme of the campaign – ‘I’d rather be’ – revolves around engaging people to think about where they’d rather be during one of the peak seasons in the holiday calendar. Our client needed a set of digital banners to tie in with the campaign, and which would encourage the target audience to give the answer ‘I’d rather be on an adventure holiday with Exodus Travels’.


The digital banner ads needed to drive conversions through click-throughs to the Exodus website. They also needed to integrate seamlessly with the wider ‘I’d rather be’ campaign, which included TV, cinema and London Tube advertising.

Each banner had a strict file size limit of only 150Kb, so our design had to consider this when combining images, messaging, and number and speed of rotations, without losing any impact.


Concise, compelling copy and a strong call to action, coupled with stunning images that inspire desire reinforce our client’s message and entice the audience to find out more.

The banners lead with a powerful combination of images that speak for themselves, teaser question and the campaign’s hashtag, which immediately encourages engagement. A summary of the type of experiences offered by Exodus, followed by a clear call to action complete the banner design.Banner ad design

We created three different styles of banner ad design: one focused on destination, another focused on activity programme, and a third one for generic use, maximising impact of the banners regardless of audience segment or media network.

We designed and built all three sets in as many as eight different sizes, and also in different formats – HTML5 and corresponding back-up GIF versions for display on devices that may not support HTML5.Banner ad design

The design and build behind the banners also take account of a wide variety of platforms, allowing for scaling up or down without losing impact.Banner ad design


Magazine design and content

magazine design

We're a design agency that focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals. This time, it was print design – with engaging content creation and stunning visuals, the travel magazine we created for Exodus increased their travel bookings by 62%. A result worthy of our design portfolio.


Thomson Reuters

Web design and digital strategy

web design

Thomson Reuters needed a digital agency that would deliver a web design and digital strategy, as well as an integrated marketing strategy, to promote the performance benefits of Eikon, its financial analytics software. With our solution our client achieved an 81% increase in monthly website traffic.


Ocean Spray

Web banner advertising

Web banner advertising

To complement the trade press advertising campaign we had designed for Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group's cranberry product, Berry Fusion Fruits, we were also tasked with designing a simple, but effective web banner advertising campaign to target the online market.