Employee engagement infographic

employee engagement infographic

We designed a memorable employee engagement infographic to demonstrate the value of our client’s internal IT team and engage the global workforce.


A major goal for any business is to communicate, timely and effectively, the value that internal departments contribute to their colleagues, and the company as a whole. This can often be a challenge for global companies due to their size and the geographical spread of the various teams.


Our client wanted to celebrate the efforts of their IT services team, feeling that there wasn’t enough understanding of the contributions they make to the company and what areas they managed for other teams.


Our client provided us with large quantities of data that we helped them distil into the most relevant information – we produced an infographic that turned quantitative data into a positive and engaging story.

The overall structure of the employee engagement infographic is inspired by the concept of interconnectivity. employee engagement infographic

Applying the corporate brand colours to icons and fonts, dotted lines and connectors signify the relationships between the different services the team offers, as well as reflecting the connections between different teams.

Key stats in a large font size make key data easy to understand and help emphasise the overall impact of the team’s efforts.employee engagement infographic

Strong and colourful icons help the audience grasp the number of people, locations and devices under the watchful eye of the Infrastructure Services team.

The design was applied to posters strategically placed around all of our client’s UK offices, and the positive response from different teams was felt immediately.employee engagement infographic

Our client, and the teams the communication was aimed at, strongly felt that we had brought the message to life with the simple and clean employee engagement infographic. A team whose efforts usually stay in the background had now been brought into the fore for everyone to see and appreciate.


Employee engagement campaign

Employee engagement campaign

To instil a sense of unity, we successfully developed an employee engagement campaign that encouraged global teams to work together towards a common goal.



Organisational strategy infographic

infographic design

A global supplier of highly specialised engineered solutions approached us to help them articulate the strategy for one of their divisions. We created a motivational infographic that contributed to increased levels of employee engagement.



HR infographic design

HR Infographic design

Employee absenteeism is costly for growing businesses. As a design agency with over 20 years' experience, we helped HRonline demonstrate the scope of the problem with a bold and playful infographic that informed HR managers and increased engagement with their sales team.