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Luxury travel brochure

Luxury travel brochure design

Grand Tourist approached us to create a luxury brochure that would recapture the drama of the famous Grand Tour across Europe. The result was a visual masterpiece.


When targeting high-end customers, understanding the market and capturing the essence of luxury is vital. To highlight the glamour of one of its flagship holiday experiences, Grand Tourist – a niche travel agency specialising in tailor-made travel experiences – approached us to create a one-of-kind luxury travel brochure.

Modelled on the Grand Tour, a trip of Europe taken by upper class individuals at the turn of the 20th century, the experience offered guests the opportunity to stay in some of Europe’s finest hotels, enjoy Michelin-star cuisine and indulge in a variety of sophisticated pursuits. Travellers began at the famous Dorchester hotel in London, followed by several days in Paris, Geneva, Milan and Rome.


The challenge was to develop a luxury travel brochure design that evoked the spirit of this elegant tradition, whilst appealing to a contemporary audience. Our client also wanted a piece that was engaging and helped sell the experience to affluent customers who were used to high-end travel.


Using a modern colour palette of bright blues, reds and magentas on a black background, we created a clean look that complemented the rich photography and drew readers into the journey.Luxury travel brochure designLuxury travel brochure designLuxury travel brochure design

Printed on a high-quality paper stock and showcased in a branded wrap, the weight and texture of the brochure helped to emphasise the quality and glamour that travellers could expect. The overall effect helped customers feel as though they were being invited to an exclusive event, reserved for a select few.

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Whether guests decided to stay in Europe’s most elegant hotels, sample fine foods or revel in the world of fashion and luxury decor, the resulting brochure design perfectly captured the essence of this unique travel experience. Grand Tourist was extremely happy with the concept that we delivered, giving us the opportunity to work on other projects.


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Grand Tourist

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