Ecommerce infographics

Ecommerce infographicsTo showcase our client’s expertise and major role in helping power the global economy, we created a series of ecommerce infographics that lean on an uncomplicated and accessible design to make an impact.


Dematic is a leading supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimise the supply chain. With a growth rate of 25% in 2016, our client was listed as the world’s third-largest materials handling systems supplier. Fast forward to 2020, and Dematic announced that its parent company KION Group AG had completed the acquisition of DAI (Digital Applications International Limited), a UK-based software company specialising in logistics automation solutions and one of our clients.

The addition of DAI’s capabilities significantly expands Dematic’s intralogistics software offerings to support the movement, storage and distribution of goods through the entire supply chain.


To create a series of infographic designs that would help the company showcase their insights on the future of ecommerce.

The ecommerce infographics were intended to complement thought leadership pieces on the company’s website, as newsletter content and also as social media assets, to support the message that Dematic’s technology and expertise are a major driving force in helping power the global ecommerce economy.

Ecommerce infographics


This was a collaborative process, where we immersed ourselves in discussions with our client to explore different styles and establish an infographic style that is simple, bold and impactful, giving prominence to key stats in large fonts, and maximising the use of colour to structure content and guide readers through the information presented to them.

Ecommerce infographics

The various blocks of content act as easy-to-digest bite-size chunks, which we then extracted and repurposed for use on social channels and also as PowerPoint slides.Ecommerce infographicsEcommerce infographics

This first infographic has set the style for future thought leadership assets.


Project infographic design

Project infographic design

To maximise awareness of an ambitious initiative, we created a project infographic that strikes the perfect balance between engaging visuals and factual information.



HR infographic design

HR Infographic design

Employee absenteeism is costly for growing businesses. As a design agency with over 20 years' experience, we helped HRonline demonstrate the scope of the problem with a bold and playful infographic that informed HR managers and increased engagement with their sales team.



Internal communications infographic

internal communications infographic

Deloitte asked our content creation team to develop a high impact graphic design that would help them reinforce employee engagement and communications around their infrastructure services team in the UK. We produced an internal communications infographic that turned data into a positive and engaging