Email Marketing

At Parker Design, we deliver email marketing ideas that compel audiences to click through, find out more, and help you reach your goals.

As your audience become more and more selective about the information they receive in their inbox, it’s important for your business to provide targeted, high-quality, memorable email marketing communications that will engage audiences and be relevant to them.

With beautiful imagery, responsive layouts and clever and engaging copywriting, the experienced digital team at Parker Design creates on-point email marketing campaigns to effectively promote your brand, products and services, or to reach internal audiences in ways that will truly engage and encourage action. By turning each of your email campaigns into a powerful call to action, we can help you boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, drive online conversions, or increase customer satisfaction as well as significantly boost employee engagement levels.

We can advise on every step of the email marketing journey, from helping with the best way to reach your email open rate goals, whether personalisation is the most appropriate option for your campaign, through to the most engaging and effective content to encourage your audience to click through.

Our digital developers also ensure that each email campaign is effective and aligns with the latest technology by testing HTML email templates in all major desktop browsers and mobile devices. This approach gives our clients total peace of mind and reduces the likelihood that your email will end up getting lost in the spam folder, or even be discarded by the recipient.

For highly targeted email marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results, speak to a member of our team today, we’d love to see how we can help.

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