Beautiful brochure design to inform and persuade

Let your audiences take control of how they read your story, encourage them to browse through your achievements, or the new products you have to offer, with beautiful and effective brochure design that will instil a sense of strong connection right from the cover.

Effective brochure design puts you – literally – in the hands of your audience. A good brochure is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and at Parker Design we can help you maximise time in front of your audience through a wide range of innovative design and content ideas that will get them talking.

Even though the printing stage is one of the last, we often think about it in the initial stages of a brochure design project. After all, the sense of touch plays a major role in the creation of lasting memories, and could help make or break your audience’s first impression of you as a business.

Paying careful attention to paper stock weights, textures and finishes allows us to create the perfect canvas for beautiful design ideas to flow through, and for exciting and engaging ways to structure copy and showcase imagery within the brochure design. All coming together under the same objective: to entice your audience to keep turning the pages to find out more.

You may be meeting your audience at a busy exhibition hall where competition for attention is fierce, perhaps the brochure will have been designed to support the latest company-wide employee engagement initiative. Maybe you require a new brochure design to attract funding, or to act as a magnet for hungry top graduates, perhaps what you’re after is a memorable and enduring leave-behind after a one to one sales meeting.

Regardless of environment or objective, we’re proud of the proven effectiveness of our brochure design ideas: they deliver results you can measure straight away, thanks to beautiful, impactful brochure design that has been helping hundreds of clients make memorable first impressions for over 20 years.

So how do we give your audience not only something to remember, but a way to encourage confident initiative and action?

We consider colour, copy, fonts, photography, illustrations, innovative and cost-effective ways to structure content, infographics, binding techniques, pagination… all to inform, inspire, persuade and capture imaginations, and get your message across quickly.

And the power of effective brochure design doesn’t end when printed copies have been delivered; we can also translate your brochure design into digital interactive formats that transmit a sense of ownership and playfulness to your audience, immediately encouraging engagement.