Brochure design that persuades and delivers results

At Parker we can help you maximise time in front of your audience with innovative brochure design, engaging content ideas and flawless artwork. Regardless of objective, we’re proud of the proven effectiveness of our brochure design – a powerful marketing tool designed to deliver results. And we take care of everything for you, from the initial concept stages, down to print production.

Your brochure may have been conceived to target an audience of hundreds, even thousands, at a busy exhibition hall where competition for attention is fierce. Perhaps it will support your latest employee engagement initiative, or it has to act as a magnet for hungry top graduates, or you need a memorable and effective leave-behind after a sales meeting.

For all those scenarios and more, and depending on your goals and budget, when thinking of your new brochure design we’ll consider colour, copy, fonts, photography, illustrations, infographics, ways to structure content – all to inform, inspire, persuade and capture imaginations, and turn your brochure into a robust and effective tool that gets your message across quickly.

And when it comes to brochure design, we also pay special attention to the printing stage. After all, the sense of touch is key when creating the kind of lasting memory that triggers a reaction, and could make or break your audience’s first impression of you as a business. Choosing the right paper stock texture and finish allows us to create the perfect canvas for our design ideas to flow through.

The power of effective brochure design doesn’t end when printed copies have been delivered; we can also translate your brochure into a digital interactive format that transmits a sense of ownership and playfulness, immediately encouraging your audiences to engage.

If this sounds like we could help you reach your goals, do get in touch.