George Evans

Graphic Designer

“The more you understand people, the better your designs become”

My path into the creative industry has been complex and belated. I have always seen myself as a thinker and problem solver, however whilst progressing through the ranks at school my ability to spot patterns and process lots of information into a solution led me down a more mathematical and technical route. I soon realised that the lack of creativity and self-expression in my A-levels didn’t sit right, so I made a big change!

I began to build myself a portfolio by taking life drawing lessons and devoting the rest of my time to design. This was key to getting onto the Art & Design Foundation diploma at the University of the Creative Arts Farnham (UCA) where I discovered graphic design, and was the perfect stepping-stone to an arts university.

The next stage of my journey was a BA Hons in Graphic Design at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). On the course I learnt as much as possible about design and the software for it, I also had the amazing opportunity to work with brands like Bestival and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). The experience of living away from home also helped me to grow as a person, this is important to me because I feel the more you understand people (including yourself) the better your ability to design for them will be.

The internship at Parker between my second and third years at Bournemouth was an excellent experience with a great group of people and really helped me to develop as a designer. I’m really happy to have been invited back and settling in the first couple of months made me even more excited about what the future holds!

I like to fill my time with other creative hobbies like music, film and art. I feel design isn’t something that you can turn on/off and when I’m not working I still find myself thinking about why things were made a certain way or how they could be improved. This analytical approach has always been a part of me and fuels my other interests in sports and games as I see the objective of a game as a brief and the way you play as your design.