Andi Parker

Managing Director

“I design something every day. Even on my days off.”

One of the most rewarding roles as Managing Director has been to build a talented team of graphic designers and web developers. The mix of traditional design skills and web development skills here works incredibly well and we’re capable of taking on practically any project, no matter how big, small or complex. There’s a real ‘can do’ spirit and we’re all incredibly hard working and passionate about what we do.

When I started Parker Design in 1995, our first client was ICI, a great client to have at the time. Since then, the number of clients and type of work has grown significantly; mostly by referral – which I’m very proud of. For any graphic designer, it’s great to be recommended and for a graphic design company, it’s testament to the great work great people and teamwork.

As a graphic designer and art director I still like to have a creative input to the work that goes through the studio. I love to see clever design, whatever the medium, and that’s what I think we do best. My challenge as an art director is to come up with ideas quickly – take a client brief and then see immediately which direction the project should go.

Ultimately, I’d like Parker Design Consultants to be recognised as one of the best small design agencies in the UK, we already have a reputation with our clients as the most versatile and hardest working design agencies.

Away from work, I’m reasonably active: I enjoy mountain biking & motor cycling, I also enjoy skiing and sailing whenever I can – I recently sailed around the Greek Islands and Majorca where I qualified as a day skipper. One of my other passions is music, both listening to and playing guitar.