Paul Ellis

Art Director

“I’m a committed designer with an almost forensic interest in graphic design and typography”

After graduating with a degree in graphic design from Teesside University, I spent the next 14 years working for three very different agencies in Norwich, Chester and Manchester, before joining the Parker Design team.

I would describe myself as a committed designer with an almost forensic interest in graphic design and typography. I’m especially inspired by Dutch graphic design: design which is highly structured and grid-based but with a clear personality running through it.

I like to develop client relationships and really push ideas to make sure a client gets an individual design solution. At Parker Design, I get to work directly with all of my clients and I find this to be the most efficient way of working. It also delivers the best results.

Branding is a particular area of expertise and I love the whole journey, from initial concepts to the fine detail of implementation. I especially like to rationalise how a brand will be applied across different media in the most effective way.

Outside of work, 99% of my time is occupied by my little boy, Hayden. He is cheeky and constantly challenging, but being his Dad is so rewarding. At the end of the day, I like to sit down and relax with my wife and a glass of wine. We usually end up talking about Hayden!

Football (Manchester United), photography and Formula 1 are all passions, as is running. I try to run three or four times a week. It really is a great way to escape and I love being able to record and compare data from each run. The best thing about burning so many calories is that you can eat more afterwards!