Internal Communications and Coronavirus

Internal communications and Coronavirus (heard of it?).

A few weeks ago, we were all taken by surprise by the unprecedented nature and gravity of a new virus. What initially seemed like just another version of the common flu, totally changed the way most of us live, and work.

Teams across a range of industries have seen their daily routines disrupted, with a large majority of employees being encouraged to work from home, a new order for most of us. And this new normal has brought with it not just a new way of working to guarantee business continuity, but also a focus on trying to find new ways for employers to keep staff informed – and motivated – during very uncertain and unsettling times.

And that need for motivation brings with it a renewed focus on effective and engaging internal communications to bring them all together as one unified team. Email communications or digital newsletters, animations, infographics, presentations – all highly effective internal communications tools at a time when finding truly engaging ways of reaching out to your employees is a must.

Internal communications and Coronavirus: the team at Parker Design can help, so get in touch…